ASAP Roofing shingle recycling participant

ASAP Roofing, LLC participates in shingle recycling program

Did you know that asphalt shingles account for 6% of total landfill waste in the US.¹ 

Recycling of asphalt shingles is an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposing old shingles in a landfill.  ASAP Roofing has been participating in a shingle recycling program through Brentwood NH based company RAS-Tech for the past two years and are pleased to play a small role in reducing the amount landfill waste. RAS-Tech has developed a fantastic program to solve not only the problem of reducing asphalt shingle landfill waste but also using the shingles to produce new products. The company recycles 100% of the asphalt shingles dropped off by roofers and using one of a kind process turns the old shingles into new products such as cost-effective sealant and pothole filler. ASAP Roofing is proud to be part of this program! Just one more way to demonstrate to you that our standards are higher!

For more information on RAS-Tech visit their website at Here's a nice article on their company and recycling program on seacoast Brentwood company recycles oil from used asphalt shingles.

¹Article information and photos provided by RAS-Tech

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